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住宅空间, 别墅, 现代风格, 私人住宅

Leeton Pointon l 墨尔本Canopy House“雨棚屋”

Canopy House既是有机形式又是建筑形式,坐落在墨尔本内城一条既有住宅街上的大型梧桐树之中。Leeton Pointon在多变的街景中加入了一层现代元素,构想了一个宁静的庇护所,它在体量和失重之间实现了微妙的平衡,从而带来动感而优雅的效果。雕塑般的实心墙遮盖了房屋,在其后部,一个弯曲的体量似乎漂浮在入口上方的空气中。一扇带有侧灯的透明玻璃枢轴门打破了墙壁,露出了室内空间。

Both organic and architectural in form, Canopy House is set amongst large plane trees on an established residential street in inner Melbourne. Adding a contemporary layer to the varied streetscape, Leeton Pointon conceived a calm refuge, using a delicate balance between mass and weightlessness to deliver a dynamic and elegant result. A sculptural solid wall conceals the house, behind which a curved volume appears to float in thin air above the entrance. A clear glazed pivot door with sidelights punctuates the wall to reveal the interior.


住宅空间,私人住宅,可持续住宅,墨尔本,Canopy House,Leeton Pointon

住宅空间,私人住宅,可持续住宅,墨尔本,Canopy House,Leeton Pointon



Textured rendered facades give a subtle and understated feel, with the house built as a backdrop to nurture busy family life. The architects describe the form of the first floor as ‘aqueous’, flowing around to the rear garden where it folds gently to the ground. Small apertures hint at life inside, while open glazing makes the most of the garden aspect.


住宅空间,私人住宅,可持续住宅,墨尔本,Canopy House,Leeton Pointon

住宅空间,私人住宅,可持续住宅,墨尔本,Canopy House,Leeton Pointon



The undulating lawn and garden areas are carefully designed around two large retained elm trees. An elevated elliptical pool and deck terraces are set at living room level, reflecting the trees into the interior and creating continuity of landscaping while minimising the need for pool fencing. Generous exposed aggregate steps bridge the transition from house to garden.


住宅空间,私人住宅,可持续住宅,墨尔本,Canopy House,Leeton Pointon

住宅空间,私人住宅,可持续住宅,墨尔本,Canopy House,Leeton Pointon



The solid roughly rendered walls of the first floor provide north sun protection to the living areas below. Large sliding bamboo screens with angled steel plate surrounds allow for further sun control on the first floor while providing dappled light to the bedrooms. Deep west-facing windows offer further protection from the sun and privacy from neighbours. Concealed external blinds prevent direct light on glazing during the summer months to reduce thermal gain.


住宅空间,私人住宅,可持续住宅,墨尔本,Canopy House,Leeton Pointon

住宅空间,私人住宅,可持续住宅,墨尔本,Canopy House,Leeton Pointon



Interiors by Allison Pye feature curved polished plaster walls which separate zones, with careful placement of circulation spaces widening into more communal living areas. Changes of level inside acknowledge the various levels on the site, while changes in floor materials from limestone tiles to timber and carpet subtly reinforce the change of use. Timber also clads the walls and ceilings in some areas, adding layered texture against the plaster along with elements such as linen curtains and brass features.


住宅空间,私人住宅,可持续住宅,墨尔本,Canopy House,Leeton Pointon

住宅空间,私人住宅,可持续住宅,墨尔本,Canopy House,Leeton Pointon



Sustainability is seamlessly integrated into the building fabric yet remains unseen, along with all technology and services. An 84,000-litre water tank was installed to harvest rain water, in addition to solar panels concealed on the roof.


住宅空间,私人住宅,可持续住宅,墨尔本,Canopy House,Leeton Pointon

住宅空间,私人住宅,可持续住宅,墨尔本,Canopy House,Leeton Pointon



项目名称:Canopy House
game365体育投注公司:Leeton Pointon
摄影:Lisa Cohen



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